How To Stop Caring About Others And Book A Ticket To Miami For Social Media Week

The first time I heard about Social Media Week was about a year ago, I was scrolling down my facebook Timeline and found a blog that mentioned it. I was interested and looked further and I found out that they were going to held an event in Mexico City in about 6 months, so I started following the event in different social media outlets, I even… I even signed for Newsletters

social media week Miami

There, I said it; I was hooked; I loved getting their e-mails every week with cool and interesting things about social media, how the different generations are facing change, the Braincandy video series and I kept on sharing their stuff and learning from them. Then the Mexico City event schedule and info was released, I asked my Boss permission the answer was a plain NO.

I was bummed and at the time I was in a money shortage so, I kept it cool and waited for my weekly Newsletter patienly.

Last year a low cost mexican airline launched this direct flight from Cancun to Miami, it was cool and since I was able to get an american tourist visa very quick I booked a cheap flight and spent my 1 week vacation there. That was back in July and 2 weeks after I returned home the dates for Social Media Week Miami were released and I was excited to say the least… but still I had to wait to get all the information and insights on the price tickets, the speakers and the topics, I was determined to go.

So about a month ago – August – when the tickets were finally for sale and I could check out the schedule I said to myself “I HAVE to go” so again, I went to my boss, told him about the dates and the speakers and basically everything and I said “We HAVE to go” and he went on saying “I just asked to go to a SEO related event in New York, they said no – his boss – so I´m afraid the same is going to happen with this“.

Needless to say that I was mad, how could a company just focus on what´s urgent and not on what´s important and long lasting ROI? It was stupid and I felt really bad. The mexican working laws do not favor employees in most cases and most employer´s point out that employees should be grateful to have a job that pays the minimun and gives them the minimun benefits (such as social security and some medical coverage).

Thought, I am not here to discuss the mexican law because:

1. I am a foreigner living and workin in Mexico legally and

2. Because I decided to not give a f*&k and book a ticket anyway.

Luckily for me, I had some money left in the bank from my vacations, and started the search for a cheap flight and the tickets… also for a credit card because since I don´t have the permanent resident status I cannot apply for a credit card…

A really good friend lended me his card, I found a really cheap promotion on Interjet and got my plane tickets and thanks to my good friend – and Miami host – Manuel Gago I got a promocode that helped me get a lower price for the full 3 day pass for Social Media Week Miami. I was all set, yay!

So I approached my boss, he looked at me like saying “Are you sure?” but then by the look on his face he was actually kind of happy that I decided to go anyway, he said “I have no problem, just so you know, Human Resources are not going to pay for the days you are away, it will be deducted from your paycheck” and I said “Fine!” then he said “I wished I could trade places with you

So, I´m super excited to jump on the plane next Tuesday and live 3 full days surrounded by the best of the best of Social Media and how it affects us as human connectivity is growing as these new platforms and technologies develop. I´m also very happy because I´ll get to see my friend Kelly a.k.a The Sober Señorita whom I met here thanks to social media and will be attending SMWMiami as well, we are going to have so much fun!

So, I have to pack now, see you in a few days!


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