What To Do In Wynwood With No Money

Hi there!

So, today is supposed to be #traveltuesday and therefore I should post a photo, blog and everything in between that is travel related. Since my last trip was to Miami where I attended Social Media Week which was held in the hip and cool Miami Ad School I had no excuse to not show some photos but I was pretty much broke so this raised an important question: what to do in Wynwood with no money?

Luckily I was staying at Manuel´s bachelor pad which is conveniently located in Midtown, that made my morning commute easy because I could just walk there, however the weather was not by my side those days and it was just downpour rain… still that didn´t keep me from walking and taking photos whenever I was able to do so.

Here is a disclaimer:

I hate Photoshop and basically any photo editing software, I think it had something to do with my university teacher and/or the fact that back in Venezuela one of my first jobs after graduating was as a photojournalist for a major newspaper where photo editing was off. I could maybe balance colors a bit or ad some contrast but that was pretty much it, photos were not touched by photographers so you just had to rely on your own skills to get a good set of photos, remember, those were the days when if you had a 32MB memory card and a 10mpx camera you could get away with it.

So, back to Miami, it was raining, I had a few good 9 blocks to walk every morning and afternoon and no money, the answer of what to do in Wynwood without any money is pretty simple: photograph until you can photograph no more!

what to do in wynwood for free

Out of the Closet. I´d pass this store on the corner of Biscayne Blv. and 29th street everyday and thought it was cool that they offered free HIV test. Nuff said!

things to do in miami for free

On 29th street and about a block west from Biscayne Blvd. I passed this railroad and got my first doze of street art of the day.

things to do in wynwood for free

You can call me baby.

things to do in wynwood for free

Nice garage!

things to do in wynwood

Don´t you just hate it when a car blocks your photo? Damn!

things to do in miami for free

“Protect Yo Heart” I promise I will Steve-O.

what to do in miami for free

I just loved the trees and the colors.

things to do in wynwood miami

Again, where am I? Oh, Wynwood!

things to do in wynwood

White walls, black ↑, black&white stripes, red shades… couldn´t help it #selfie

things to do in Wynwood Miami

Aparently shoe stores a big thing in Wynwood, who knew.

things to do in Wynwood

I could not go further away to get this shot, I swear.

places to visit in wynwood

According to Wikipedia (and my friends) the once average puertorican neighborhood known as “Little San Juan” or “El Barrio”, Wynwood gained notoriety when graphic artists and designers found spacious and cheap spaces to live and work about 10 years ago, which turned the once working class latino neighborhood into an up&coming area delicious for real estate brokers and investors. Probably one of the best examples of neighborhood gentrification in the US, just behind Brooklyn.

things to do in wynwood for free

The Bric House Grill and probably a shoe store, I can´t remember.

what to do in miami for free

Devoured by nature I suppose.

And now a few more photos from Miami Ad School. This bright pink building is just so cool, I love it!

Miami Ad School Wynwood

Mural inside Miami Ad School Wynwood

mural miami ad school

Murals Miami Ad School Wynwood

Someone had some mushrooms aparently…

miami ad school wynwood soccer field

These are my #nofilter photos of Wynwood on 3 rainy days. I still have tons of photos of the amazing street art I found in Wynwood just a couple of month before, on a kind of nicer day (weather wise) but I can´t get past my broken spirit of those days… yet! But I know I will because I always do.

I hope this #nofilter #noedited photo blog didn´t disappoint you and you´ve got a cool reference of what to do in Wynwood for free when you get there! If you want to look at other pictures from the other trip and just random photos (kitty photos included) check out my Instagram account, you are not compeled to follow me!